A letter to Barack Hussein Obama president of USA

Dear Barack Hussein Obama

 Let me call you Dear brother

I saw “Biography: Barack Obama” on “YouTube” on the web (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l89vsCdn-_0) and saw how an African-American origin black boy can rise in USA and reach to the highest level till president of great USA. I saw how your father and mother and your family managed their life to grow up their children; Long way that you and your family were past to reach to this point. You came from grass root to the highest position…; so you can feel world human life perfectly; Injustice that is going on in humanity life; Wars and its problem for them; and the other problems of your brothers and sisters (black and white) all around the world.

 Let me call you, the representative of world people on the top influence position in the world. So you can do better than others, for people of the world. Your slogan for “change” brought waves of hope for people of the USA as well as the world. But your achievement in this regard is not as we expected but we are known about your limitation and so still we are hopeful and you have time now. You are as a president of USA has the best opportunity to lead the world toward peace, coexistence, tolerance, humanity values... and God.

About Iran-USA relation, I think the negotiations on nuclear issue opened a door to move toward normalizing, so I think recognizing and giving our rights in this regard can be the best opportunity to tackle extremists in two countries, and good start in this way.   

I wish you and the USA nation the best as well as all the nation of this world that are suffering so many problems now.

Seyed Mostafa Mostafavi

M.A student in Indian subcontinent studies – University of Tehran



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چون شر پدید آمد و بر دست و پای بشر بند زد، و او را به غارت و زندان ظالمانه خود برد، اندیشه نیز بعنوان راهور راه آزادگی، آفریده شد، تا فارغ از تمام بندها، در بالاترین قله های ممکن آسمانیِ آگاهی و معرفت سیر کند، و ره توشه ایی از مهر و انسانیت را فرود آورد. انسان هایی بدین نور دست یافتند، که از ذهن خود زنجیر برداشتند، تا بدون لکنت، و یا کندن از زمین، و مردن، بدین فضای روشنی والا دست یافته، و ره توشه آورند.

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